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New Generation

(updated 9/2-2001)

take your time and listen to this talented music lovers

See a live music andpicture revue here

Jazz- Ballades- Rock


  New Generation is one of the most talented children jazz groups in Denmark. They always play live, never playback!!  The audience loves them, because they never play the same tune twice in the same way (always different improvisations!) The group have played in several festivals (Aalborg Blues and Jazz festival, Thy Jazz festival and The Danish/Russian Music Festival in Denmark)

This NewGeneration is the second generation of The Children's School of Music (Stagstrup Musikskole). Click at the picture, and listen to this generation, the first generation, and the coming "Little Generation".

Just take your time and listen!!

  Dr. Jazz, great Danish jazzband and their guests (with MP3) click at the picture

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